Family Law Attorney in Fayetteville, NC

Fayetteville, NC is in Cumberland County and home to the U.S. Military Base, Fort Brag. As a North Carolina native, family law attorney Jonathan Breeden has served Cumberland County and surrounding areas for more than 20 years.

Jonathan Breeden of Breeden Law Offices is a passionate advocate for those going through legal troubles across the Sandhills region.

And whether you live on Base or in Hope Mills, Spring lake, Raeford, or Eastover, if you are going through a divorce, need to plan your estate, or want to modify a custody arraignment, he can help:

  • Adoption: You’ve made the major decision to adopt, but what happens now? A capable adoption attorney can walk you through the complex legal aspects, explain your options, protect you and your adopted child in the long-run, and handle your paperwork, so you can focus on the new addition to your family.
  • Child custody and child support: Determining child custody and child support issues can be hard on parents, and emotions could get in the way of productive decisions. Working with an understanding attorney may help you put aside your hard feelings so you can make the best choices for your child. This can be essential if you want to enforce, modify, or finalize a custody agreement.
  • Divorce and marriage law: If you’re planning to get married, you may want to draft a prenuptial agreement to protect your personal assets. Conversely, if you’re ending your marriage, you might need assistance on your divorce. Either way, an experienced marriage and divorce attorney can be critical. A family lawyer will review what works best for your situation, how to protect yourself, and fight to make sure you get what’s right.
  • Domestic violence: Whether you are the victim of a domestic act or a wrongful accusation, domestic violence is an extremely sensitive subject. As such, you need an attorney with the necessary skill and compassion to help you handle this delicate matter. This can include obtaining a protective order or defending against false allegations. In either case, we know the local system and how to make it protect your rights.
  • Criminal defense: If you or someone in your family is charged with a criminal offense, you will need the services of a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who will be unrelenting when it comes to fighting for your or your loved one’s rights.
  • Family law resources: Let a seasoned attorney guide you through all of your questions regarding your family law matters. With our knowledge and skill, you can get quality information, know what to expect, and have an advocate in your corner.
  • Legal guardianship: Pursuing a legal guardianship is an important an complex legal process with critical financial implications. It should always be handled by a legal professional, who knows what to avoid and what needs to be accounted for. If you’re interested in applying for guardianship, you should seek the advice of an attorney with years of practice in various family court cases to walk you through the process.
  • Wills: Rather than letting your estate languish in probate court, you can take action now and draft a will that dictates the proper division of your estate upon your passing. A knowledgeable family lawyer will ensure you wishes are carried out, your family is protected, and what you worked hard to build is not fought over or taken by the state.

A Spring Lake Family Law Attorney Has Your Best Interest In Mind

No matter the legal issue facing you, your family, or others in Fayetteville, NC, they can always rely on attorney Jonathan Breeden’s 20 years of legal experience. Let us provide you with advice, guidance, and the best course of action in your unique case.

If you need help from a North Carolina family law attorney, call (919) 661-4970 today.


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