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Family law attorney Jonathan Breeden has considerable experience helping the citizens of Moore County, North Carolina. Whether you live in Robbins, Cameron, Carthage, Sothern Pines, or Pinehurst, and regardless of the issue affecting your family, Breeden Law Offices can assist you:

  • Adoption: Families looking to adopt should enlist the services of a skillful adoption attorney to handle all the legal aspects of the usually complicated adoption process. We can facilitate a smooth adoption, look out for your interests, and make sure your family grows in the way that you envisioned.
  • Child custody and child support: Child custody and support orders are intended to allow children to maintain some semblance of a normal life after their parents separate. An experienced child custody attorney will help you make productive and well-informed decisions and craft agreements that make sense now and in the long run.
  • Divorce and marriage law: The family courts in Moore County governs both marriage and divorce law. An attorney with years of experience in these local courts can help you with custody and support issues, dividing assets and debts, and whatever your marriage or divorce matter may be.
  • Domestic violence: If you are a victim of domestic violence, both the court and your compassionate domestic violence attorney want to help protect you and keep you safe. Alternately, if you find yourself wrongfully accused of a violent act that you didn’t commit, your attorney will make sure to fight for your rights.
  • Criminal defense: Having a dedicated criminal defense attorney in Moore County can make all the difference between a dismissal, probation, serious fines, or even jail time. When facing criminal charges, make sure you have a capable attorney on your side.
  • Family law resources: Your legal matters may leave you with lots of questions. Let a knowledgeable family law attorney provide advice, guidance, and be your number one resource.
  • Legal guardianship:Applying for legal guardianship in Moore County can be complicated, but working with a seasoned family law attorney will help the process go much more smoothly.
  • Wills: You’ll want to contact a veteran estate planning attorney to help you draft a will that ensures your family’s needs are met and your affairs are all in order. We can review your circumstances and find the best solution to fit your needs.

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With two decades of experience in North Carolina’s local family courts, family lawyer Jonathan Breeden can help you with whatever your legal matter may be. Residents of Moore County and Harnett can call the Breeden Law Offices at (919) 661-4970 today.


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