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Attorney Jonathan Breeden is dedicated to protecting and serving families in Angier, NC. Whether it involves divorce, custody, or other family issues, he empowers clients to change their lives and their children's lives for the better.

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Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

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Family issues happen unexpectedly. But when it comes to child custody, support, divorce, or planning for your family’s future, trust the Breeden Law Office and our experience, compassion, and commitment to see your family through it all.

Attorney Jonathan Breeden has been assisting families in Angier, Black River Township, and throughout Harnett County for over 16 years. Regardless of what your family is dealing with, we sincerely care and have the skill to achieve what you and your loved ones need to see. You deserve honest counsel, practical advice, and aggressive protection from a local lawyer in Angier, NC. That’s where Breeden Law Office comes in.

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5 Reasons You Need an Angier Family Lawyer

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Sometimes families need legal help. Whether it is an adoption or a stressful divorce, important issues need to be addressed. And when it involves your family, they need to be handled right. Working with a lawyer can feel overwhelming, but getting clarity and guidance from a trusted legal professional can be the first step towards the outcome you and your family deserve.


Get Honest Advice

Going through the local family courts in Lillington can be extremely difficult with a lot of emotions involved. You need to make several decisions with all sorts of implications. By working with an experienced Angier family law attorney, you can benefit from objective legal advice based on logic and long-term benefit.


Do Things the Right Way

People sometimes believe they can save time and money by completing “do it yourself” family law documents. However, this is not without risk. Even simple mistakes, omitted financial info, or missing a deadline could hurt your case and cost you considerably. An experienced lawyer can ensure your divorce, custody agreement, or adoption goes smoothly.


Lawyers Know the Law

This seems obvious, but attorneys undergo considerable training before they can practice. Even a seemingly clear-cut family matter can involve intricacies that may not be clear right away. Without legal support from an experienced lawyer like Jonathan Breeden, your case could end with you agreeing to less than favorable terms.


You Deserve Protection Too

People want the best for their families, but quickly find themselves at a disadvantage if they do not have a lawyer of their own. Spouses in Angier often agree to unfavorable terms in divorce and custody cases without legal help, and no one should be taken advantage of. An attorney can protect your interests.


Going to Court is a Possibility

No one wants to see family matters litigated with a judge making decisions for you. However, sometimes this is a necessity. It’s best to be prepared. A skilled lawyer will always try to resolve matters with negotiation and alternatives like mediation, but local Angier family court experience only helps your case.


Unfortunately, marriages sometimes come to an end. During this challenging time, you need practical and clear guidance.

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Even the friendliest divorces can be extremely complex. How will your assets and debts be divided? Will your house need to be sold? Who will get custody of your children? With so much to consider, always consult a knowledgeable family lawyer.

Jonathan Breeden has been safeguarding the rights of people through the end of their marriages for over 19 years. We know what you and your family are going through, approach every case with sensitivity and discretion, but are not afraid to aggressively advocate for what’s best for you.

NC requires a one year separation. After a formal filing, NC generally requires a 30 waiting period. A final judgments usually takes 3-5 weeks.

Every case is unique and times are estimations. Your divorce will depend on you former spouse, their attorney, and the court.

Child Custody

Custody matters are among the most hotly contested issues in family law.

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Coming up with an appropriate custody arrangement gets complicated fast and brings up important concerns, like living situations, medical care, and educational costs. No matter what works for your family, Breeden law Office is ready to help.

Attorney Breeden has been facilitating custody agreements in and around Angier for years and knows what it takes to highlight what’s important. This level of skill can prove very effective in filing favorable custody plans or to modify an existing arrangement. Let us review your situation and work towards the best possible option for your children.

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Primary Custody

A parent with primary custody is the parent with whom the child lives full-time.

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Secondary Custody

A parent with secondary custody has what is known elsewhere as visitation rights to the child.

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Joint Custody

When parents share joint custody, the child spends equal time with both parents.

Child Support

Child support is to cover the expense of raising children. But there are various myths and misconceptions about paying and receiving support. So, it’s important to know the facts.

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Both parents must support their children, and no one should shoulder this burden alone. Angier attorney Jonathan Breeden has been handling child support issues in Harnett County for over 16 years. We know the factors involved, and how to secure what your children need.

Whether you are a parent looking to receive support or you are obligated to pay, attorney Breeden will guide you and fight to protect your family’s financial security.

Local Angier Family Law Court Process

Initial Consultation

We realize that most people contact us or come to our offices at difficult times in their lives. You may not know what to expect or how to approach the issue. That’s why we take the time to carefully explain your rights and options. At your first meeting, you will discuss your situation with an experienced attorney at our Angier office, located on North Broad Street near the Angier Centennial Clock . From there, we’ll create a unique plan for you.

Prepare Documents / Gather Information

In the first few days or weeks, we will gather the necessary information and prepare the documents to file. This may include completing fincial affidavits, compiling records, and notarizing forms.

Document Review / Execution

Once we have your forms ready to file, we will go over the documents for accuracy, approval, and your signature. Then we will file the appropriate complaint, motion, or discovery request in the right venue or jurisdiction. In Angier, this will likely include Harnett District or Superior Court.

Contested / Uncontested Filing

Once the other party is served, we will await a response. If the matter is contested, we will enter the pretrial phase. If the filing is uncontested, we will motion for a hearing and final resolution.

Pretrial / Settlement Negotiations

Both parties will present evidence and arguments related to the matter. This is referred to as discovery and can involve depositions and gathering more evidence. In addition, opposing counsel with negotiate to resolve things like asset division, custody, and support without a trial.

Hearings & Trials

When the parties come to an agreement, a hearing is scheduled in either Harnett District or Superior Court to review the terms. If a judge agrees, the matter is resolved pending a final judgment. If both sides do not agree to a settlement, a formal trial will be scheduled.

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