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Attorney Jonathan Breeden is dedicated to protecting and serving families in Raleigh, NC. Whether it involves divorce, custody, or other family issues, we're here to listen and help get the life you deserve.

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Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

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Families come in all shapes and sizes. And when families in Raleigh, NC need legal help, Breeden Law Office provides steady guidance, support, and most importantly positive results.

With over 19 years of experience and a record of successfully fighting for families across Wake County, attorney Jonathan Breeden offers personalized and aggressive representation as well as straightforward advice in your time of need. Whether it’s a divorce, custody issue, or adoption, from day one you can be sure that a knowledgeable Raleigh family lawyer is handling your case and looking out for your family’s best interests.

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5 Reasons You Need a Raleigh Family Lawyer

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Unfortunately, families sometimes encounter challenges they need help to deal with properly. Regardless of the situation, you will have practical questions that need real answers. You owe it to yourself and your family to consult a legal professional for guidance. This is often the difference in obtaining the favorable outcome you and those you love need to see.


You Need Impartial Advice

Family legal matters tend to get emotional. Your ability to make the best possible decisions about your or your family’s future can be incredibly hard. By working with a veteran family lawyer in Raleigh, you gain unbiased recommendations, centered on knowledge and practicality so temporary feelings don’t threatened your family.


You Want Things Done Correctly

A Raleigh family lawyer is crucial to ensuring that things are handled the right way. DIY options can jeopardize family law matters because even a simple mistake can make a huge impact on divorces, adoptions, estate planning, and custody agreements. An experienced lawyer can confirm things are complete and accurate.


Lawyers know the Law

Family lawyers undergo considerable education and training before they can offer you guidance. Even a seemingly straightforward issue can involve complexities that may not be clear to an untrained eye. Without experienced legal assistance, you may be sacrificing your rights or not receive everything you are entitled to.


You’ll Want Someone Looking Out for You

From finalizing a will, agreeing to visitation, or filing for divorce everyone should have independent legal counsel. Your former spouse’s attorney will not look out for you because you aren’t their client. Trying to handle things alone often leads to unreasonable outcomes. Instead, work with a lawyer committed to getting you the best possible result.


Family Court May Be Necessary

No one expects to litigate family matters in court, and our goal will always be to resolve things quickly and in your favor before this happens. However, sometimes people can’t agree or other factors require a court appearance. In these cases, you should rely on legal professionals who have seen and successfully done it all in Wake County family court.


Ending a marriage can be emotional, messy, and stressful. But an effective and skilled lawyer gives you the best possible chance of moving on. 

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People have very real worries when it comes to getting a divorce: How will debts and assets be divided? Who gets the house or custody of the children? And are you entitled to support? With so much involved, you should seek guidance from a highly experienced and successful attorney.

Attorney Jonathan Breeden has been protecting people in Wake County and helping them end their marriages for over 16 years. He has represented people just like you in virtually every type of divorce and knows what it takes to get you through this difficult chapter with professionalism, sensitivity, and the fair result that you are entitled to.

NC requires a one year separation but you can file for custody, child support, equitable distribution of your property and alimony as soon as you separate. After a formal filing, NC generally requires a 30 day waiting period for the other party’s answer. A final divorce judgments usually takes 6-8 weeks.

Every case is unique and times are estimations. Your divorce will depend on you former spouse, their attorney, and the court.

Child Custody

It’s natural to be protective, but sometimes parents disagree. That is why custody disputes become complicated and even contentious.

Child holding his mother and father's hands

Every parent wants the best for their children. If you’re negotiating custody, you may be anxious about its effect on them, the financial impact, or how much you will get to see them. Whatever your circumstance, you should know your parental rights and fight for what’s best for your children.

Attorney Breeden can help. We appreciate what you are going through and are committed to helping you secure the best possible arrangement for you and your children. Jonathan has significant experience in working out constructive agreements, filing custody complaints, and modifying existing custody arrangements when necessary.

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Primary Custody

This refers to the parent with whom the child lives full-time.

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Secondary Custody

A parent with secondary custody has what is known elsewhere as visitation rights to the child.

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Joint Custody

When parents share joint custody, the child spends equal time with both parents.

Child Support

Parents often disagree about who should receive support and how much should be spent. This is where practical legal help can be useful.

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Child support is meant to help with the overall cost of raising children. Whether you’re trying to get child support – or being asked to pay – it’s imperative that you understand your rights, how support levels are determined, and what’s necessary to advance your best interests.

Whether it involves establishing, modifying, or enforcing a child support agreement, attorney Breeden will explain your options and fight to protect your children’s and your own financial well-being.

Local Raleigh Family Court Process

Initial Consultation

We fully appreciate that no two cases are identical, which is why we approach every case based on its unique characteristics and what success looks like to you and your family. At your first meeting, you will discuss your situation with an experienced attorney at our Raleigh, NC office, located on Washington Street, near Fred Fletcher Park. From there, we’ll create a unique plan for you.

Prepare Documents / Gather Information

In the first few days or weeks, we will gather the necessary information and prepare the documents to file. This may include completing fincial affidavits, compiling records, and notarizing forms like a DHHS Adoption Form, Complaint for Custody/Visitation, or a Motion for Modification of Child Custody.

Document Review/ Execution

Once we have your forms ready, we will go over the documents for accuracy, approval, and your signature. Then we will file the appropriate complaint, motion, or discovery request in the correct venue or jurisdiction. In Raleigh, this will likely be the Wake County Courthouse.

Contested / Uncontested Filing

Once the relevant party is served, we will anticipate their response. If the issue is challenged, we will start the pretrial phase. If our filing is uncontested, we will motion for a final determination.

Pretrial / Settlement Negotiations

This phase is referred to as discovery and can involve depositions and collecting additional evidence. The parties involved will also likely negotiate to resolve matters like dividing assets, child custody, and financial support without formally going to court.

Hearings & Trials

When the parties agree to terms, a hearing is scheduled to review the matter. If the court agrees to the arrangement , the matter is considered closed. If both sides fail to agree, a trial will be set to decide the issues at hand.

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