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As a fixture in North Carolina’s family law community, attorney Jonathan Breeden frequently provides legal insight to various local and national media outlets. With domestic law topics ranging from divorce, separation, child custody, and adoption, many of Jonathan’s media contributions are excellent resources for anyone going through family law issues.

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Infographic titled "Attorney Transforms Challenges into Abundance", episode with Your Practice Mastered

Attorney Transforms Challenges into Abundance

Attorney Jonathan Breeden made a guest appearance on the “Your Practice Mattered” podcast. The show covers the intricacies and issues law firm owners face and experience as they begin their own firm. Jonathan shared his insights on learning what to track and how to grow his firm. He provided advice for other attorneys hoping to start their own firm.

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Logo: 15 Minutes, share your voice Headline: Effective marketing and compassionate advocacy in family law with Jonathan Breeden

Effective Marketing and Compassionate Advocacy in Family Law With Jonathan Breeden

Hear all about Jonathan Breeden’s insightful journey into the world of family law on the ’15 Minutes’ podcast, where he delves into the nuances of domestic legal matters and his client-centered approach at Breeden Law Office. Learn about his unique philosophy in empowering clients, the significance of a child-focused practice, and innovative law firm marketing strategies that have driven the firm’s success.

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Everything Except the Law Podcast

In this episode of the “Everything Except the Law Podcast” attorney Jonathan Breeden shares how he has managed to sustain a successful 23-year career in the legal industry.”

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Life Insurance During and After a Divorce

As the featured Money Geek expert, attorney Jonathan Breeden answers common questions about life insurance after your divorce.

If you have a life insurance policy that includes both you and your spouse, you’ll likely have to the make some changes if you decide to get divorced. But it’s hard to know where to start, and you probably have many questions. Can you remove your ex from the policy? Can you keep life insurance on your ex after the divorce? Family Law attorney Jonathan Breeden answers both of these questions and more in this recent Money Geek article.

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Ultimate Guide to Wills and Why They Are Important

Jonathan Breeden was recently featured in a Money Geek article where he emphasized the importance of making a will.

As the featured Money Geek Expert, attorney Breeden uses his estate planning experience to give individuals advice on creating a will. He explains how every adult should have a will because their state’s intestacy laws may not distribute assets the way they wish. He then recommends other estate planning tools that you should consider along with a will, such as a power of attorney, a living will, life insurance, and more.

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Navigating Your Mortgage After Divorce

As a Money Geek Expert, attorney Jonathan Breeden provides valuable insight on navigating mortgage after divorce.

Attorney Jonathan Breeden’s experience handling divorce cases has given him an understanding of the many financial hurdles couples face, such as deciding how to pay mortgage after separation. In this article, Jonathan provides practical tips on making mortgage payments and recommends financial planning courses to create a budget. He also warns divorcing couples of the common mistakes they can make when dealing with mortgage.

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Paying Closing Costs in a Divorce

Attorney Breeden was recently mentioned in Real Estate Bees, where he shared his insight on who pays closing costs in a divorce in North Carolina.

He explains the typical fees paid by buyers and sellers of real estate in North Carolina, and what happens when a divorcing couple sells real estate.

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Money Geek Features Attorney Breeden About How to Choose a Beneficiary

As a Money Geek Expert, family lawyer Jonathan Breeden shares his advice on the proper way to select a beneficiary for your estate.

With his wealth of knowledge in estate planning and financial management, attorney Breeden provides invaluable insight for anyone looking to secure their legacy by choosing a beneficiary for their insurance policy. In the article, Jonathan stresses the importance of having a clear goal in mind when purchasing life insurance and provides practical advice for choosing a beneficiary. With his level of experience, Jonathan Breeden addressed the common questions related to picking a beneficiary what to consider when navigating life’s big decisions.

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Money Geek Expert, Attorney Jonathan Breeden Shares Tips on Setting up a Trust

North Carolina family law attorney Jonathan Breeden was recently cited by Money Geek, in their Complete Guide to Creating a Trust.

Jonathan’s extensive knowledge in the field of trust administration and estate planning makes him a stand out resource for anyone looking for sound legal insight. In the article, Jonathan emphasizes the need to meet with an attorney or financial advisor who understands the varying types of trusts to get the best advice. He also provides valuable financial and money-management tips to help plan for the future, including understanding one’s assets and having contingency plans in case of unexpected events.

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Attorney Breeden honored in Lawyers’ Weekly Family Law Power List 2022

Family Law Attorney Jonathan Breeden was selected as one of several honorees on the North Carolina Lawyers’ Weekly Family Law Power List for 2022. The publication selects legal representatives from across the state in various practice areas.

For the family law power list, honorees were chosen because they go “the extra mile to ensure a successful litigation process for their clients,” and also work in a practice area with high emotions.

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