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Examples of Custody Schedules

Attorney Jonathan Breeden breaks down some of the custody schedules he’s seen over the years and when they’ve benefited families in South Carolina.

Category: Child Custody

Odds of Getting Sole Custody

Many factors can affect your children’s custody situation. Attorney Jonathan Breeden explains the difference between joint legal custody and sole legal custody.

Category: Child Custody

5 FAQs about Property Rights in a NC Divorce

Attorney Jonathan Breeden answers five frequently asked questions about how property is divided in a divorce in North Carolina.

How is Alimony Calculated

There are several factors that determine alimony payments, and it mostly comes down to your and your spouse’s income. Attorney Jonathan Breeden breaks down the factors that influence alimony payments in this video.

Getting Back To Work After Divorce

In this video, attorney Jonathan Breeden offers sound advice for those returning to the work force after a divorce, including North Carolina’s excellent community college system.


Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

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