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Examples of Custody Schedules

Attorney Jonathan Breeden breaks down some of the custody schedules he’s seen over the years and when they’ve benefited families in South Carolina.

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Odds of Getting Sole Custody

Many factors can affect your children’s custody situation. Attorney Jonathan Breeden explains the difference between joint legal custody and sole legal custody.

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Do's & Dont's of a Psych Evaluation

If you have to participate in a psychological evaluation as part of a custody case, you should know what to expect to ensure it doesn’t hurt your case.

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How Do I Change the Amount of My Child Support?

If you're wanting to increase your child support and are curious about the process for doing so in North Carolina, Breeden Law Office can help.

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What Kinds of Circumstances Could Warrant a Change in Child Support?

The amount of child support a parent pays can change in response to various life circumstances. Learn more about the factors that could increase or decrease your child support in North Carolina.

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