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Life is messy and hard questions need answers. No matter what you or your kids are going through – Breeden Law Office is here. Serving families in Johnston, Harnett, and Wake County, NC, let us help find a way to change your life for the better.


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Most families will encounter the legal system at some point. Whether it involves divorce, adoption, child support, custody, or estate planning, it can all feel overwhelming. At Breeden Law Office, we remove the loneliness and uncertainty around domestic law issues.

Attorney Jonathan Breeden is a North Carolina family lawyer with over 20 years’ experience, who aggressively fights for families in Johnston, Harnett, and Wake counties. No matter what your family is dealing with, we genuinely care about the outcome and have the skill to fight for your children, your financial security, and your future. Our clients expect honest advice and fierce protection from a knowledgeable, driven lawyer who cares about your case. That’s what attorney Breeden provides.

Everything you need to move your family forward. Call (919) 661-4970 for a consultation. Competitive rates and solutions for every family.

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5 Reasons You Need a Family Lawyer in North Carolina

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Every family is different, and so are their problems. Divorces and child custody issues are not one size fits all, and the dynamics in adoptions and estate planning cases vary wildly. Deciding whether you need a lawyer can be a challenge, but speaking with an experienced North Carolina family attorney can provide clarity and could make the difference in achieving your goals


You Need Objective Advice.

Even when everyone involved is cordial and shares the same goals, handling domestic issues legally can get intensely emotional. It can affect your ability to make the best decisions. Unemotional guidance from a lawyer can give you clear direction, based on sound logic and practical knowledge of the law.


Everything Has to be Accurate.

You may think that filling out “do it yourself” divorce, child support, or custody forms will be cheap and easy. But even a simple mistake in the paperwork, missing information, or a missed deadline could cost you a lot of time and money. A family lawyer can ensure everything is complete, correct, and timely.


Lawyers Know the Law.

This might seem obvious, but there’s a reason why lawyers undergo extensive education, training, and a rigorous bar exam. Even an “easy” divorce or custody agreement can involve complexities and nuances that may not be clear to a layperson but are instantly recognizable to an experienced lawyer like Jonathan Breeden.


You & Your Family Need Protection.

If your spouse has a lawyer and you don’t, you may find yourself at a disadvantage in a divorce. This can mean an inequitable division of assets and unfair custody and child support plans. In an adoption or other domestic matter, you risk people backing out or taking advantage. A lawyer can safeguard your interests.


You May Need to Go to Court.

There are alternatives to litigating family matters, and avoiding court is always the goal. However, fear should not motivate our decisions. Sometimes negotiations break down mediation fall apart, and you need to fight for your family. A veteran lawyer with real experience and proven success in family court can be a big advantage, even if you are ultimately able to agree on a fair deal outside the courthouse. And if you are not able to agree, you will know that you have an attorney who will be ready to fight for your interests.

Dealing with Divorce

Divorce is an end to something that you thought would last a lifetime. It is also the beginning of something new.

Couple talking to person with clipboard

A divorce is scary and stressful, especially if there are children and debts involved. The agreements you make now will last a long time. But you can be ready and come out of it – all the better.

Jonathan Breeden has been successfully handling divorces in Johnston, Harnett, and Wake Counties for over 20 years. He knows the local family court systems, and how to get results. With attorney Breeden by your side, you are never alone. You have someone with compassion and sensitivity looking out for you – aggressively fighting for a fair outcome that protects your interests.

NC requires a one year separation but you can file for custody, child support, equitable distribution of your property, and alimony as soon as you separate. After a formal filing, NC generally requires a 30 day waiting period for the other party’s answer. A final divorce judgment usually takes 6-8 weeks.

Every case is unique and times are estimations. Your divorce will depend on your former spouse, their attorney, and the court.


Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

A book by Jonathan Breeden


Child Custody

When you’re a parent, your children are the center of your world. You’ll do anything to ensure that they’re healthy, happy, and safe.

A man reads a book to his young child.

North Carolina has three types of child custody arrangements. And if you’re going through a divorce or negotiating for custody, we know what you’re going through and how to help. From filing custody complaints to seeking better arraignments, we will fight for what makes sense for your family.

Attorney Breeden knows how custody decisions are made in North Carolina and what it takes to modify custody agreements in and out of court. Let us discuss your circumstances and take the next step towards improving your children’s lives.

Common Types of Custody

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Primary Custody

A parent with primary custody is the parent with whom the child lives full-time.

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Secondary Custody

A parent with secondary custody has what is known elsewhere as visitation rights to the child.

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Joint Custody

When parents share joint custody, the child spends equal time with both parents.

Child Support

Child support is to help with the expense of raising a child. Whether you’re asking for support or being asked to pay — it’s important to understand your rights.

Woman walking with her child

There are a number of factors that influence child support in North Carolina. Fortunately, Jonathan Breeden in an experienced and tenacious advocate for those looking for help with their child support concerns. Jonathan will clearly explain your options and obligations.

As a skilled negotiator, he will represent your best interests when coming to an agreement, and he’s a tough trial lawyer that you’ll want fighting for you if your child support case goes to court.

Factors considered in child support determiniations

NC Family Law Court Process

Initial Consultation

At your first meeting, you will personally discuss your situation with an experienced family attorney. We will review your circumstances, what you hope to accomplish, and what success means to you. From there, we’ll create a unique plan for you.

Prepare Documents / Gather Information

In the first few days or weeks, we will gather the necessary information and prepare the documents to file. This may include completing financial affidavits, compiling records, and notarizing forms.

Document Review / Execution

Once we have all of your legal documents ready to file, we will go over the documents for accuracy, approval, and your signature. Then we will file the appropriate complaint, motion, or discovery request in the right venue or jurisdiction.

Contested / Uncontested Filing

Once the other party is served, we will await a response. If the matter is contested, we will enter the pretrial phase. If the filing is uncontested, we will motion for a hearing and final resolution.

Pretrial / Settlement Negotiations

Both parties will present evidence and arguments related to the matter. This is referred to as discovery and can involve depositions and gathering more evidence. In addition, opposing counsel will negotiate to resolve things like asset division, custody, and support without a trial.

Hearings & Trials

When the parties come to an agreement, a hearing is scheduled to review the terms. If a judge agrees, the matter is resolved pending a final judgment. If both sides do not agree to a settlement, a formal trial will be scheduled.

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