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Suppose your family is considered high-profile because of public appearances, involvement in business or politics, or your status as a celebrity or entertainer. In that case, you may require the legal guidance and support of an experienced high-profile divorce attorney in North Carolina.

High-profile divorces do not always involve A-list celebrities. A messy divorce could have substantial fallout if you are a prominent community member. The Breeden Law Office can provide a high-profile divorce attorney to help you.

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When Is a Divorce Considered “High-Profile”?

High-profile divorces have one or both spouses with a reputation to protect and are worried about how divorce will influence their lives. They might search for boutique divorce law firms to handle their divorce discreetly. They’ll work to ensure they are not taken advantage of by their soon-to-be former spouse.

Some examples of individuals who may require High-Profile divorces include:

  • Professional athletes without prenuptial agreements
  • CEOs of major companies who are worried about investor confidence
  • Business owners worried about how divorce will impact a merger
  • Politicians running for office who are concerned about how divorce will affect their campaign
  • Professionals interested in career advancement who are worried about how divorce will affect their reputation

High-profile divorces need to be settled discreetly to protect the reputations of all involved parties. Before the divorce is finalized, you need to figure out the essentials. You’ll work with your spouse on matters of child custody and support, alimony, and marital property, assets, and debts.

Do High-Profile Divorces Need Extra Considerations?

Working with a high-profile divorce attorney in North Carolina may be one of the best ways to ensure that precautions are taken to keep your divorce out of the public eye and avoid public scrutiny.

Some of the different precautions your attorney may be able to take include:

  • Addressing your statement, if necessary, in a non-confrontational and succinct manner
  • Control the narrative of your divorce
  • Maintain a united front with your ex-spouse
  • Craft social media and press statements regarding your divorce or legal separation
  • Help you access the counseling services you need to help your family cope with the impact of a high-profile divorce in NC
  • Address any negative public responses that your ex has made
  • Help to ensure the public retains trust in you, your name, or your brand

How to Mitigate Fallout In High-Profile Divorces

Your high-profile divorce attorney is here to help eliminate any harsh feelings between you and your ex. By discouraging grief, we may be able to reduce the likelihood of sabotage throughout your divorce proceedings.

The last thing you want is your divorce to turn combative, become subject to public scrutiny, or go from contentious to vindictive. Some of the steps we will take to help mitigate fallout in your high-profile divorce include:

  • Taking an inventory of your marital assets and property
  • Establishing ownership of specific marital assets or property
  • Establishing ownership of business assets and property
  • Gathering evidence of proof of gifts or inherited property
  • Getting valuable property professionally appraised
  • Canceling marital credit cards and bank accounts
  • Withdrawing half of the funds within joint marital bank accounts
  • Retaining possession of your personal property and assets
  • Obtaining the documentation of specific types of intangible assets, such as royalties or intellectual property
  • Making changes to your beneficiaries
  • Working with your attorney to uncover hidden assets
  • Working with your high-profile divorce lawyer to determine the value of your business
  • Negotiate the terms of your divorce agreement

These are just a few of the different ways your divorce lawyer may be able to help you resolve the issues of your divorce settlement. A lawyer can help keep your divorce out of the public eye and settle these proceedings as soon as possible. You can learn more about the specific steps after your attorney reviews your case.

Why You Should Call A Raleigh Divorce Lawyer

Going through a high-profile divorce can be intense. Your attorney will be by your side to help protect your reputation, mitigate the fallout, and get your divorce settled as smoothly as possible. We will work with you and your ex’s legal counsel to keep your divorce out of the headlines, maintain a united front, and work out the terms of your settlement.

Suppose you and your ex are finding it difficult to determine how your assets and debts will be distributed, alimony amounts, or what your child custody or support plans will be. It may be helpful to attend mediation. You can attempt to work out an agreement without going to court. However, if you and your spouse cannot work through these terms, your divorce could become messy, and these decisions could be made by a judge who does not know you or your family.

A high-profile divorce attorney at Breeden Law Office can work for you to avoid the fallout from a contentious divorce, protect your reputation, and help you and your family get through these trying times. They can help protect you from the harsh implications of a messy, public divorce.

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