Client Stories


The Breeden Law Office Helps Mother With Guardianship Matter

Guardianship is a complicated family matter, a method of providing care for adults who cannot care for themselves. Attorney Jonathan Breeden describes the case result of a client’s guardianship efforts.

A Former Client Retells Her Experience With The Breeden Law Office

Former client Amanda Wood describes her positive experience working with the Breeden Law Office in her effort to get primary custody of her son while living outside of North Carolina.

Fighting for Emergency Custody in NC

Protecting your children is your top priority. Attorney Jonathan Breeden explains the purpose of emergency custody in situations where one parent is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Breeden Law Office - Client Results - Legal Guardianship

A former client explains how Breeden Law Office helped him obtain legal guardianship of his daughter so he could seamlessly access her medical records and transfer them to doctors as needed.

Breeden Law Office - Client Testimonial: Barry Shaw

A former client explains how the Breeden Law Office helped him through the child custody process to help rebuild his relationship with his son.


Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

A book by Jonathan Breeden