What a great group

Let me say thank you to this law firm what a great group …. 5 stars is not enough to say how good this firm where to me and my family we are over whelm with joy how everything turn out truly a GOD sent firm Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts.

- Smith Family

I needed legal help

As the victim of a domestic violence assault, I needed legal help to get my domestic violence protection order approved at the scheduled hearing. I found Breeden Law Firm by Googling “domestic violence protection,” and looking through the information on each law firm that came up. Breeden Law Firm looked like the best for for me. I contacted Breeden Law, and completed their Prospective Client Form. I was accepted as a client. My assigned attorney, Ashley Kevitt, was perfect from the first contact. I had reached out to the firm at the last minute, as my hearing was only two days away. Ashley said she could be available to help me with that hearing. We consulted by Zoom call for about an hour and she reviewed the facts of my case with me. We appeared together at the hearing. Ashley was masterful at every step, and I was granted the protection order. I could not be more pleased with Ashley and all of Breeden Law Firm!

- Marla Wilson

Breeden Resolved My Case Within Months

My case was dragging out for years (very frustrating and draining), but as soon as Jonathan stepped in, he knew exactly what to do. He acted swiftly, and the case got resolved within a matter of months. Now I have my peace and can focus on moving forward.

- Cool Francis

I would not hesitate one moment to recommend Breeden Law Office

My mother and I had to revise and create very important documents. Raven worked with us directly, and truly we could NOT have been more pleased. She and all at the office were of course unaware of anything my mother and I had experienced with the sudden passing of my Daddy several years ago, and anything dealing with this and his and her estate can bring up tender memories. Raven was literally the MOST PERFECT PERSON to work with. She was so patient with my mother, spoke clearly and carefully, and answered every single question as if we were her only assignment for the day. I would not hesitate one moment to recommend Breeden Law Office to anyone with a need for their services. We were able to meet Mr. Breeden who was incredibly kind and polite. Their interns Claudia and Aujay were phenomenal in helping with our process. Please give this firm your business and rest assured you will be cared for honestly and kindly.

- Dolly Mae T.

Mr. Breeden was extremely helpful!

Mr. Breeden was extremely helpful to me as I continued on the long road to gain full custody of my daughter. Even though I have never met him in person, he treated my family and I with great respect and attention. I live out of state, yet had to gain counsel of someone in the state of my ex-husband’s residence. Due to the Covid concerns, it was very difficult to even think of traveling back and forth for consultation or scheduled court dates. Mr. Breeden enabled me to conduct all of our business and legal appointments from my own home. No concern was ever too large or small. Mr. Breeden always kept me up to date, and was very good at responding to my calls and emails. I am so thankful to have found his services. He was able to get past a great many previous misconceptions about elements of the case that had been keeping my daughter from me. I would recommend Mr. Breeden to anyone who is looking for serious, helpful and personal counsel.

- Erica M.

Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

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