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Regardless of the circumstances that led to your arrest, you face an uphill battle in trying to navigate the complex landscape of criminal laws in North Carolina. You probably know that you have rights, especially under the U.S. Constitution, but you may not know when and how you can exercise them.

Though you may be familiar with Miranda warnings regarding the right to remain silent and to hire an Angier criminal defense attorney, this alone isn’t enough to present a strong legal strategy when you’re accused of a crime. Without an experienced Angier lawyer on your side, your chances of conviction increase. Incarceration, fines, and probation are serious consequences, but you could also encounter future problems when you’ve got a permanent criminal record.

If you were arrested, it’s important to realize that you put your rights at risk by attempting to represent yourself. Your best strategy is to retain a dedicated criminal justice lawyer to defend your interests. With years of experience in criminal defense matters, attorney Jonathan Breeden has amassed trial skills and comprehensive knowledge in the laws that impact your constitutional rights. He has provided legal support for many clients in Angier and the surrounding areas.

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Common Criminal Cases in NC

Angier criminal defense attorney Jonathan Breeden offers legal services in all types of North Carolina criminal matters, including:

Drunk Driving

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious offense with both criminal implications and consequences for your driver’s license. However, you can try to avoid the harsh penalties with a solid defense strategy.

Traffic Citations and Driving Violations

Some traffic citations may lead to a fine or points on your driving record, while others are criminal in nature. When you have a criminal defense lawyer to represent your interests, they can try to assist you in keeping your costs and insurance rates low.

Drug Offenses

Even as other states decriminalize or legalize marijuana for different uses, it’s still a crime to possess any amount of pot in North Carolina. In addition, the state’s laws on possession and trafficking in other controlled substances include lengthy incarceration terms and fines for a conviction.

Sex Crimes

If you’re convicted of a sex offense, the matter follows you around for the rest of your life. It’s essential to have an experienced criminal attorney on your side to exploit weaknesses in the allegations, especially if you’ve been falsely accused.

Weapons Charges

Police and prosecutors have stepped up their efforts to fight weapons crimes in North Carolina. These cases can be complicated because you can be punished for multiple offenses that occurred during one incident. For instance, the act of illegal possession or carrying a firearm is a crime in itself, but other cases present primary and secondary offenses. Using a deadly weapon in connection with committing another crime increases the punishment you face. Contact an Angier criminal defense attorney for help with your weapons case today.

Theft, Robbery, Burglary, and Related Offenses

Generally, theft is taking something that doesn’t belong to you, but the charges against you may vary depending on the specifics of the crime. You could face charges for felony or misdemeanor based upon the circumstances, the value of the property, and other factors.

Assault, Battery, and Violent Crimes

North Carolina’s laws on violent attacks are harsh, especially if you commit a crime while in possession of a deadly weapon. Aggravated charges and enhanced penalties apply.

In addition to the category of crime you allegedly committed, you may encounter unique situations that require help from a criminal justice lawyer. Jonathan Breeden is experienced in such criminal law matters as:

Juvenile Offenses

Cases involving a minor proceed differently than when the accused is an adult. North Carolina law intends to rehabilitate a youthful offender, but the statutes and qualifications are complicated. It’s wise to retain a criminal law attorney to assist with the juvenile court process.

College and University Student Crimes

The region around Angier is home to several institutions of secondary education. Students that attend these colleges and universities can make mistakes, leading to minor offenses like underage drinking and using a fake ID. Unfortunately, some of this conduct is also punishable by their educational institution. Angier criminal defense attorney Jonathan Breeden can represent your interests in these proceedings, leaving your future intact.

Far-Reaching Implications of a Conviction

While you may be aware of the criminal sanctions if you’re convicted after an arrest, you may not realize how extensive and long-term they may be. There are different consequences for a felony or misdemeanor charge, but you could face:

  • A jail or prison sentence
  • Fines and court fees
  • A sentence forcing you to participate in a substance abuse treatment or anger management courses
  • Probation
  • Revocation or suspension of your driving privileges
  • A sentence requiring you to install an ignition interlock device (IID) on your vehicle
  • Severe consequences for purposes of immigration
  • The requirement to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life

There are other implications if you’re convicted for a crime:

  • Limited employment opportunities;
  • Restrictions on where you can live and work due to sex offender status
  • Loss or denial of a professional license
  • Increase auto insurance premiums

Angier criminal defense attorneyJonathan Breeden is a defense attorney who is persistent in fighting for the rights of those accused of crimes. Even if he cannot beat the charges, he will work tirelessly to have them reduced, negotiate a plea bargain, or explore other options that minimize the potential punishment.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer is Essential

No matter how severe the crime, every person accused of a criminal offense is protected by the U.S. Constitution and North Carolina’s Declaration of Rights. A prosecuting attorney must bear the burden of showing that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Additional civil liberties that come up in a criminal case involve self-incrimination and unlawful search and seizure.

The problem is that unless you have a legal background, you may not know how to bring violations of your civil rights to the attention of the court. Guarantees under the Constitution don’t automatically lead to a dismissal of your charges or an acquittal in your case. You must assert these matters through the proper court procedures. Unless you do, the prosecuting attorney may use unlawfully-obtained statements or evidence against you in court.

Attorney Jonathan Breeden is committed to fighting for your rights in a criminal case and will take advantage of all available legal strategies to obtain a favorable outcome. He is well-versed in the laws that protect you as a defendant, and he is resourceful in leveraging the necessary tools to bring civil liberties violations properly before the judge. He is skillful at motion practice, which he employs to point out mistakes or intentional misconduct by law enforcement. Options include:

  • Motions to Compel Evidence – When prosecutors or police refuse to allow access to information, you can file this type of motion to force the turnover of this information. This may be critical if there are facts or witness statements that exonerate you.
  • Motions to Exclude Evidence – If law enforcement illegally obtained information from you and the prosecutor intends to use it at trial, you would file this motion to keep that evidence out of court.
  • Motions to Dismiss – When the prosecuting attorney cannot meet their burden to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, you may file a motion to dismiss. The charges would be dropped, and the case would be over.

Attorney Breeden also possesses experience in other strategies to fight the charges against you. He can identify weaknesses in the allegations that would put questions or doubts in the minds of jurors. With a criminal defense lawyer from Breeden Law Office on your side to scrutinize the police investigation, questioning, and procedures, you have an advocate in a criminal case.

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Criminal law is a very detailed topic, involving complex legal issues, technical statutory language, and complicated procedural rules. Regardless of the criminal charges you face, you’re entitled to fundamental civil liberties and other rights. Considering the potential for incarceration, fines, probation, driver’s license suspension, and other sanctions, you owe it to yourself and your family to retain the services of a highly skilled criminal defense attorney.

Jonathan Breeden is a criminal defense lawyer who possesses considerable experience in criminal courtrooms fighting for the rights of his clients. He can offer advice during investigations, represent you in police interviews, and protect your interests during pre-trial proceedings. He will employ every possible legal strategy and use every available tool to support you at trial. Though he cannot guarantee an acquittal or dismissal of the charges, he is dedicated to fighting for you to obtain the best possible result in your criminal case.

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