I needed legal help

As the victim of a domestic violence assault, I needed legal help to get my domestic violence protection order approved at the scheduled hearing. I found Breeden Law Firm by Googling “domestic violence protection,” and looking through the information on each law firm that came up. Breeden Law Firm looked like the best for for me. I contacted Breeden Law, and completed their Prospective Client Form. I was accepted as a client. My assigned attorney, Ashley Kevitt, was perfect from the first contact. I had reached out to the firm at the last minute, as my hearing was only two days away. Ashley said she could be available to help me with that hearing. We consulted by Zoom call for about an hour and she reviewed the facts of my case with me. We appeared together at the hearing. Ashley was masterful at every step, and I was granted the protection order. I could not be more pleased with Ashley and all of Breeden Law Firm!

- Marla Wilson

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