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Getting Child Support for Your Special Needs Child

Ending a relationship that involves minor children is a difficult endeavor. Resolving issues surrounding custody and child support during an emotional time is another burden parents face. The stakes are even higher when a situation involves a special needs child….

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When to Seek a Child Support Modification

Parents who divorce in North Carolina, or those who never married, are typically subject to a child support order so that the children of their union will be properly cared for. Support orders can be subject to modification under certain…

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Can a NC Child Support Order Be Modified?

If you’re a divorced parent or you were part of a paternity case, you may now be living under the terms of a child support order. Child support orders are legally-binding decrees from a family court that spell out when,…

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When Can Child Support Stop in North Carolina?

Child support will often cease when a child reaches the age of 18, but there are special circumstances that may change this requirement. If you are asking yourself, “when can child support stop,” speak directly with a North Carolina child…

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What Are My Rights as an Unmarried Parent?

Despite how traditional our country and legal system can seem, parental rights are not based on being married. While there are a few laws that connect marriage and parenting, most child matters focus on the biological and legal relationship between…

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How Is Paternity Established in Court?

Establishing a child’s parentage when he or she is born into a marriage is usually quite simple. North Carolina automatically assumes a husband and wife are the parents of an infant born to the wife. Additionally, it is an easy…

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Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

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