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Lawyer Jonathan Breeden is a North Carolina family law and criminal defense attorney with offices in Garner and Angier. However, he provides excellent service to people dealing with legal issues in numerous areas throughout North Carolina.

As a North Carolina native with more than 15 years of practical legal experience, Jonathan Breeden has in-depth knowledge of how local courts operate. That kind of understanding can make the difference when your family and reputation are on the line in complicated family and criminal law matters. He will adamantly represent your rights through negotiations and in court, if necessary.

Breeden Law Office is prepared to represent you in locations throughout North Carolina, including:

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If you are involved in a family or criminal law matter, you want an attorney who will stand up against those who are challenging your rights. Let lawyer Jonathan Breeden put his experience to work for you.

Breeden can handle all types of family and criminal law matters, including:

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