Co-Parenting 101: Custody Made Clear

Written by Jonathan Breeden

April 8, 2021

When you get a divorce or separate from your child’s other parent, many things suddenly become murky. Who has the kids on Thanksgiving? Who chooses the child’s doctor? Who can or can’t take the kids on vacation?

It’s not the most challenging part of co-parenting, but it’s a contender. Agreeing to the terms of custody isn’t the most stressful part of a divorce because North Carolina law provides legal documents called child custody orders. These documents answer all of the above questions and more.

Below, we take a closer look at some of the benefits of a child custody order. For help with your unique situation, reach out to the North Carolina child custody lawyers at the Breeden Law Office.

Benefits of a Child Custody Order

When parents can no longer be together, a child custody order becomes a critical document that guides how the child or children will be raised. The following are three crucial benefits of a child custody order:

1. Clearly Define Each Parent’s Responsibilities

The last thing you need is stress and uncertainty about who does or decides what. But a child custody order will clearly state what each side’s responsibilities are as they relate to the children and the other parent. That means you know who has the kids on which nights, holidays, and birthdays. You know when and where you will hand the children off to the other parent.

Your child custody order will also lay out what kind of custody each parent has – joint legal custody in almost all cases. You will know who has access to the child’s medical providers, teachers, and school records.

2. Lay Out Parents’ Access To the Children

Because child custody orders make each parent’s responsibilities so clear, they protect each side from abuse.

The other parent can’t lock you out of the child’s healthcare if the child custody order states that you have access to the child’s doctors and medical records. If you want to speak with the child’s teacher, you can do that if the order says you can. The other parent doesn’t get to decide.

3. Custody Orders Are Enforceable

If you have a legally binding child custody order – one signed by a judge – it is legally enforceable. What does that mean? If the other parent violates some part of the child custody order, the court’s contempt powers can enforce the order.

Enforcement can look like a warning. It can also look like putting the person in jail. It may sound extreme, but at the Breeden Law Office, we’ve seen this happen many times.

This is one of the most powerful benefits of a child custody order. It provides a real, legal way to protect your rights to your children.

Getting a Child Custody Order in North Carolina

If you don’t have a child custody order but think you might need one soon, the time to speak with a child custody attorney is now. The sooner you talk with your attorney about what you would like to see in your child custody order, the better chance your lawyer has of making that happen for you.

Reach Out To the Breeden Law Office

The benefits of a child custody order in North Carolina are clear. This one legal document can preserve your access to your children. This is perhaps one of the most fundamental rights in a parent’s life.

For help building a child custody order that is fair to you and your children, reach out to the Breeden Law Office today. With over two decades of experience and local offices in Raleigh, Garner, Angier, and Smithfield, attorney Jonathan Breeden can help you successfully resolve any custody issue.

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