Jonathan knows his job and is fair in everything he does.

Jonathan was an excellent lawyer. He was firm and worked continually to represent me. I am very happy with the divorce outcome. He knows his job and is fair in everything he does for his clients.

- Daisy O.

I cannot possibly begin to say how pleased I was with Mr. Breeden!

I cannot possibly begin to say how pleased I was with Mr. Breeden! Mr. Breeden was outstanding in every aspect of my case. First off Mr. Breeden took my case even with me living out of state. Mr. Breeden was all over my ex wife’s lawyers shenanigans at every turn. Mr. Breeders experience was critical in so many ways to put into this post but a few examples Mr. Breeden knew ways of “finding” records to prove or discredit statements made by the other teams witnesses, knowing how witnesses were going to play out even before they were on the stand, Mr. Breeden was all over everything! Being the dad from out of state going to NC with a female Judge and coming out with full primary physical custody….says it all. Thank you sir job very well done.

- Wayne C.

Thank you Mr. Breeden.

We had a long going custody problem and we couldn’t get any attorney to see the truth behind what we wanted. We didn’t want to take custody of the child, we just wanted more time than 48 days a year (every other weekend). Mr. Breeden was the only attorney that was able to see that we loved the child and wanted to be able to be in her life more. Mr. Breeden took the case and now we have the whole summer with the child plus every other weekend and Holidays. The child is happier and the whole family knows the child better. If Mr. Breeden hadn’t taken the case and wasn’t able to see that we were just wanting more time with the child, we would still just have the child 48 days of the year. Thank you Mr. Breeden.

- Marlene H.

Jonathan was very professional, determined and strong.

Jonathan Breeden came into my life in July of 2009 as I was thinking about a divorce at that time. Jonathan gave me some options and we parted ways as I was still pondering my options. In Nov of 2009 I needed Jonathan again as my life was rocked with allegations that put me in a tough bind. Jonathan and his colleagues gave me full attention to help with my problems. There was a lot of Q&A throughout, more from my side and Jonathan was very professional, determined and strong about what we needed to do. My situation was tough and we needed to prove many different legalities that would make my case creditable, since the case looked, by many, that I was in the wrong. Jonathan was able to help me through my darkest days and help me win this case. He was “the bulldog” that he is known as in court, really laying it out there emotionally, fighting my case like a friend would take care of another friend instead of a lawyer to a client. Jonathan navigated me after the case and is still helping me in many ways. I do consider Jonathan a friend that happens to be an awesome lawyer as well. I would recommend Jonathan for any legal issues that arise in a persons life, he would definitely take care of you.


Jonathan Breeden handled our case with great diligence.

A custody battle is never easy; even harder when you are a grandparent seeking custody. Jonathan Breeden handled our case with great diligence, but oh so delicately. I received full, permanent custody, with no harsh feelings from any parties concerned. Together with Jonathan, there was even suitable visitation arrangements made.

- Cathy A.

I would absolutely recommend him.

I didn’t have a complicated case, just a simple amicable separation agreement I needed help with. Jonathan Breeden provided great input and was very knowledgeable on the matter, I was very happy with his overall performance and advice and I would absolutely recommend him. As a matter of fact, he came recommended by a friend who did in fact have a case that ended up in court and she was VERY happy with his performance. He was well-prepared, confident, eloquent, and every bit the”bulldog” he says he is.

- Anette K.

I would highly recommend Jonathan Breeden.

I would highly recommend Jonathan Breeden. He’s a straight shooter, professional, and really knows his stuff. He was able to take a very complex process (divorce) and break it down in terms that I could understand and process. This allowed me to have confidence, make informed decisions and ultimately reach a favorable outcome.

- Alain R.

At no time did I feel alone through this process.

While going through a divorce and property settlement, Jonathan Breeden shared my concerns and quickly earned my trust. With Jonathan’s assistance and guidance we were able to navigate through a very stressful situation. Throughout this process Jonathan and his team were available for questions and prompt with the right answers. At no time did I feel alone through this process. Jonathan and his team were more than just an attorney providing advice and representation. We were a team trying to achieve a reasonable outcome for all parties concerned. I would recommend Jonathan Breeden as the right attorney to be on your side.

- Tim C.

Extremely knowledgeable, kind and efficient.

I went in alone and not knowing what I was doing. I have to say – the firm was extremely knowledgeable, kind and efficient. My divorce was handled quickly – and they worked to get me the best $$ result possible. I highly recommend Breeden Law Firm.

- Pamela V.

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