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As a fixture in North Carolina’s family law community, attorney Jonathan Breeden frequently provides legal insight to various local and national media outlets. With domestic law topics ranging from divorce, separation, child custody, and adoption, many of Jonathan’s media contributions are excellent resources for anyone going through family law issues.

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Moneygeek purple logo on top of image of woman and elderly father

How To Effectively Manage You Elderly Parents’ Finances

How do you financially care for your parents when the roles are reversed? When is the right time to intervene? How should I discuss this with my parents? These questions and more can be challenging to face.

Attorney Jonathan Breeden shared legal insight that will help adult kids easily manage their elderly parents’ finances on MoneyGeek in the article entitled “Protecting Your Parents’ Finances: An Action Plan for Caring for Your Aging Parents’ Money.”

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When Grandparents Raise Their Grandchildren

It’s unfortunate but there are instances when it’s best for a grandparent to raise their grandchildren. Yet even when a grandparent chooses to do this, there are many legal, financial, and logistical issues that arise.

Attorney Jonathan Breeden shares practical legal insight for grandparents  in the MassMutual article entitled, “Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Challenges and Solutions.”

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How to Financially Plan for a Divorce

It’s general knowledge that divorce has a huge impact on your mental health. However, most people forget that the process also affects their finances.

In the MoneyGeek article, “Divorce Laws Made Understandable State-by-State Divorce Rules and How Much You’ll Pay or Receive in Support,” Jonathan outlines a few financial mistakes to avoid and the cost of divorce in specific situations, such as a collaborative divorce.

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How Cannabis Use Impacts Divorce

It’s clear that there are varying opinions about cannabis use. Yet the legality of it is strictly based on what state legislature says.

Attorney Jonathan Breeden recently spoke with The News Station and shared how cannabis use affects an individual navigating a divorce in the article entitled, “How Cannabis Use Can Impact Divorce Proceedings.”

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Are There Legal Consequences for Parents Who Use CBD For Their Kids?

Jonathan Breeden was quoted in an article titled, “Can Your Pediatrician Call Child Services Over CBD?” by The News Station reporter, Diana Krach.

He shared the best approach for parents to have in cases like this.

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6 Estate Planning Tips for LGBTQ+ Partners

Financial planning for the LGBTQ+ community can be complicated in 2021. As a result, MoneyGeek highlighted six practical tips that queer couples could use in the article entitled, “6 Tips to Help LGBTQ Partners Plan Their Estate.”

Attorney Jonathan Breeden specifically shared that it’s important to explore life insurance options and begin paying for coverage as soon as possible.

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How to Communicate with a Narcissistic Ex about Co-Parenting

Jonathan Breeden was quoted in an article titled, “Any tips for communicating with my narcissistic ex about co-parenting?”

He mentioned three(3) practical ideas that a parent can implement when they find themselves in this particularly challenging co-parenting context.

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How to Talk to Your Parents About Estate Planning

Estate planning is necessary but suggesting it to your parents can be a hard conversation.

Jonathan points out the importance of this process, especially if an individual has been married multiple times, in an article by Terri Williams, a personal finance writer at The Balance.

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Jonathan Breeden featured in Thrive Global article about divorce

The Authority Magazine article that featured Jonathan Breeden, a North Carolina family attorney, was also published by Thrive Global.

This syndicated post was titled, “Jonathan Breeden: “Make a realistic budget” and included his five(5) tips to survive and thrive after a divorce.

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How to Talk to your Kids About Divorce

Letting kids know about a divorce can be challenging! Jonathan Breeden, along with a few attorneys and mental health professionals, shared tips on how parents can manage this tough situation.

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