Tips for Co-Parenting During the Summer

Written by Jonathan Breeden

June 1, 2018

Everyone looks forward to summer vacation and the changes it promises: warm weather, no school, vacations, and lazy days. Co-parenting during the summer may look different. The schedule you and your child’s other parent followed during the school year may not make sense anymore, so it could require some tweaks.

If you need help working out a new co-parenting schedule for the summer, call a child custody lawyer at Breeden Law Office. Attorney Jonathan Breeden can help you and your child’s other parent create a schedule that works best for everyone. Call (919) 661-4970 to set up a consultation today.

Revising Your Parenting Schedule

If you need to revise your schedule for co-parenting during the summer, it’s best to get started as early as possible. That way, everyone can have a fair, balanced plan in place before your kids even get out of school.

While working on modifications, don’t forget to touch upon the following:

Child Care
If you and your co-parent have young children and both work full time, you’ll likely need to locate a day care or baby sitter for your child. It’s a good idea to discuss costs for child care. For example, if you live near each other and can share a day care, you could split the cost. If each of you need to enlist a different sitter for the time the child is with you, you could each be responsible for your own costs.

Going on vacation is practically synonymous with summer, so the chances of both of you wanting to take your kids on a trip are pretty good. Be sure to talk over vacation days with your co-parent as soon as possible. In doing so, you both have a better chance of picking the times you want. Compromise is the name of the game – you and your child’s other parent both deserve to take a vacation with your son or daughter, so you should make an effort to work together on your vacation schedule.

Summer Camp
Summer camp is another area that you and your co-parent should cover. Again, it could be a matter of costs – you both may split the bill on a summer camp, or the parent who is in charge during the time of the camp may agree to foot the expenses alone.

What Do the Kids Want?
Summer break is as important for your kids as it is for you. They may have things they want to do, too, so it’s a good idea to include them in the planning process. While you are the parents and are therefore getting the final say, it is important that your child gets to voice their opinions as well.

Talk to a Child Custody Lawyer

Whether you and your child’s other parent get along or not, it may be beneficial to have a child custody lawyer help you figure out how you’re going to co-parent during summer. A lawyer can listen to everyone’s concerns and help draft a schedule that should gain approval with both parents and any children that are involved.

Attorney Jonathan Breeden has offered his services to many North Carolina families. With his assistance, you can get your summer schedule in place and start having fun with your family. Contact Breeden Law Office at (919) 661-4970 to schedule a consultation.


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