5 Signs Your Marriage Is Over

Written by Jonathan Breeden

February 8, 2023

No one ever enters a marriage expecting the relationship to end. Unfortunately, as much as 50% of marriages end in divorce. Before you officially decide to divorce, there may be many signs that your marriage is over. Here are five signs you can look out for if you are considering divorce at this point in your life.

1. Communication Drops Off

First and foremost, if you notice that you and your spouse are having prolonged difficulty communicating, this may be a sign that your marriage is nearing its end.

When a couple fails to communicate, they may misunderstand their spouse’s intentions or meaning, leading to many disagreements and arguments. If you and your spouse continue to argue regularly, this may also be a sign that your marriage is dissolving.

2. Lack of Trust

Trust in your marriage is essential if you are in it for the long haul. When spouses do not have trust in one another, it may be a tell-tale sign that the marriage is in trouble. When your spouse lies, cheats, or otherwise breaks your trust in them, it is up to you to determine whether you want to rebuild trust.

If so, you need to be prepared to put in the work to repair your marriage. If your spouse takes responsibility for their actions and attempts to make things right, this may signify your marriage can get better. However, divorce may be on the horizon if your spouse blames you, becomes argumentative, or is otherwise unwilling to do the work to rebuild trust.

3. Your Vision of the Future Doesn’t Involve Your Spouse

A substantial part of any marriage involves making plans for the future together. However, when your vision for your future does not involve your spouse, this may be a sure sign that divorce is a possibility.

You might be able to envision your spouse in another relationship, see yourself in another relationship, daydream about being with someone else, or simply have different goals for the future than your spouse.

If you cannot agree about the type of lifestyle you want to lead, whether you want to have a family, or where you want to put down your roots, your marriage may be disintegrating. These are significant decisions for your life. It is essential to be on the same page with your spouse or be willing to compromise and make concessions if you hope to remain in the marriage.

4. You Feel Lonely

Your spouse is the one person you should be able to turn to when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or simply want to share in the joys of your day. If you feel lonely and unable to connect with your spouse, this may signify your marriage is ending.

A related sign is a lack of intimacy and sex. Although it is common for the desire for sexual intimacy to come and go, if you find yourself avoiding connection with your spouse or find that your spouse is not meeting your needs, the loneliness may be enough to lead you to decide to move forward with a divorce.

5. No Desire to Improve the Relationship

For your marriage to be successful, both spouses need to want it to be successful. If you have no desire to improve your relationship, your marriage has already ended. It simply needs to dissolve on paper next.

Every marriage has its ups and downs. However, during difficult times, even some of the most strained couples have the desire to improve the relationship. If you or your spouse find a problem for every solution, this may be a sign that your marriage has dissolved.

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