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Steps to File for Divorce in North Carolina

Filing for divorce in North Carolina can be a long and drawn-out process, or it could be a straightforward affair. It depends on the issues and the level of cooperation between those involved. You must fully complete all the forms,…

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How to Sell a House During a Divorce

One of the most hotly contested topics during divorce is the family home. The house you bought as a married couple probably represents one of the most significant financial investments you made, and there is likely a lot to consider….

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North Carolina Divorce Checklist

Deciding to file or filing for divorce can feel overwhelming. Having a checklist helps you take control of the situation and feel more comfortable moving forward. Learn what anyone seeking a divorce in North Carolina should have on their to-do…

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When Is Divorce a Good Idea?

It’s common for couples in a struggling marriage to contemplate divorce. Deciding to divorce is never simple, especially when there are children involved. Learn about circumstances in which divorce is a good idea and strategies to make ending your marriage…

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What to Do if Your Spouse is Spying on You

Separation, divorce, and child custody issues can bring out the worst in people. A spouse spying on you is one of these offensive behaviors. It might also be illegal, resulting in criminal charges against the spying spouse. However, there are…

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Divorce Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Retirement

Whether you’re a higher-earning spouse or a stay-at-home parent, getting divorced can negatively affect your retirement. According to a survey by Fidelity Investments, one-third of divorced individuals reported financial struggles five years after ending their marriage. While you shouldn’t stay…

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Divorce Timeline

How Long Does it Take to Get Divorced in North Carolina?   Divorce is overwhelming. But if you hope to move on with your life and finalize your divorce settlement promptly, it is essential to understand what to expect from…

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Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

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