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Co-Parenting 101: Custody Made Clear

When you get a divorce or separate from your child’s other parent, many things suddenly become murky. Who has the kids on Thanksgiving? Who chooses the child’s doctor? Who can or can’t take the kids on vacation? It’s not the…

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Relationship Deal Breaker? Financial Deceit

Financial deceit in a relationship is incredibly toxic but usually best addressed through honest communication. But in our more than 20 years of handling North Carolina divorce cases in Johnston, Harnett, and Wake Counties, we know this is not always…

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Relationship Deal Breaker: Mental Health

Mental health concerns are growing in public awareness, but as divorce lawyers in North Carolina, the Breeden Law Office is well acquainted with how mental health disorders impact relationships. If you’re dealing with a spouse who has a diagnosed –…

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Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

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