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Joint Physical Custody vs. Joint Legal Custody

One of Hollywood’s most famous power couples has announced its demise. Actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, aka “Brangelina,” have decided to end their decade-long relationship. Throughout their relationship, the couple has made headlines with their blended family. Pitt legally…

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How Does Marital Misconduct Affect Alimony?

In a divorce, the court may divide marital property and debt via equitable distribution. It may also award spousal support, or alimony, to one party to support that party’s reasonable needs. In determining whether to award alimony and how much…

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Are NC Divorce Records Public?

Couples who file for divorce often experience a great deal of stress and emotion during the process. You may wish to maintain privacy regarding the event with hopes of keeping this painful part your life out of public view. However,…

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Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

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