Questions to Ask an NC Divorce Attorney Before Hiring Them

Written by Jonathan Breeden

March 1, 2019

Ending a marriage is hard. Emotions are high, and spirits are low. Whether you asked for a divorce or are responding to a request for one, the situation is not easy. When dealing with a divorce, there are likely a number of questions running through your mind, including, “who gets the house,” “how are our mutual debts handled,” “do we share parenting,” and more. That’s why guidance from an NC divorce attorney is so important.

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Where to Begin

When divorce is on the horizon, you begin with hiring legal counsel who knows divorce law. How do you choose an NC lawyer for your divorce? You need to ask the right questions. For example, you always should inquire about relevant experience and knowledge of divorce law. And, as for most people, costs will be high on the list of your questions for a potential attorney.

Relevant Experience

While there are attorneys who have a general practice where they take cases from civil suits to criminal defense work, you should consider using a lawyer with plenty of experience with divorce cases. Ask how much experience the attorney has in divorce court, including the number of cases they have taken to trial.

Years of work in divorce court has provided attorney Jonathan Breeden with the legal knowledge and procedural insight to handle your situation. He takes pride in the depth of knowledge he brings to each case.

What About the Cost?

One of the first questions you may have when considering which attorney to hire is, “how much will your services cost?” Costs for divorce counsel vary widely, and the structure can include charging an hourly rate, or a flat fee that covers all the work in the case.

Many attorneys have fee schedules for divorce cases that include a “retainer” and an hourly rate. This fee is like a deposit you put down with the attorney. They draw on the retainer at an agreed upon hourly rate. If the money is exhausted before your case is over, you may be asked to replenish it.

Hourly rates for divorce attorneys also can widely differ. Do some homework to determine a median range for your area. Keep in mind, however, that each divorce case has different facts that may affect how much a divorce ultimately costs.

Don’t forget to ask about any payment terms that might be available. Some divorce attorneys might consider a payment plan if regular payments can be made.

Beyond the actual numbers, also ask what tasks are billable, and what increments of time are used. For example, will you be charged for responding to emails and leaving voicemails? Determine if there are different rates for “in-court time,” versus work outside of court.

What Else Should You Ask a Potential Divorce Lawyer?

Besides experience and costs,some additional questions that may help you make your hiring decision include:

  • What do you think is a successful outcome in a divorce matter?
  • Do you have experience with divorces involving inherited wealth, stay-at-home spouses in long-term marriages, children/child custody and support, abuse and neglect issues, no assets/high debt, desertion, or LGBTQ issues?
  • What documents and records will I need to provide?

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