Relationship Deal Breaker? Financial Deceit

Written by Jonathan Breeden

March 26, 2021

Financial deceit in a relationship is incredibly toxic but usually best addressed through honest communication. But in our more than 20 years of handling North Carolina divorce cases in Johnston, Harnett, and Wake Counties, we know this is not always possible.

We’re often contacted by spouses who suspect their partner is hiding or lying about money. While this can be a delicate and uncomfortable issue for many folks, it’s essential to get answers regarding the finances in your marriage.

If you have questions or suspect financial deceit could be affecting your relationship, reach out to attorney Jonathan Breeden at (919) 661-4970 or contact us online. We’ll review what’s going on and help ensure your family’s financial wellbeing.

What Is Financial Deceit?

Financial deceit is simply when someone lies to their spouse about their finances. Sadly, people often do not even know that they are being misled. Maybe your spouse is telling you there is more money than there is. Perhaps, they are siphoning money into another account for an illicit purpose.

Every marriage and financial situation is different. But you should be kept in the loop and have a right to know about your financial security.

Why Would a Spouse Be Deceitful Regarding Family Finances?

It’s painful to discover that your spouse has been keeping things from you. What are they hiding? Many cases of financial deceit involve other forms of dishonesty. However, this is not always the case, and we’ve certainly encountered times when there was no secret account or evidence the spouse was living a double life. Sometimes a spouse is just a poor communicator or innocently mismanaged the family budget.

In our experience, some common reasons for a spouse to lie about their finances include:

  • Substance Abuse – A person might be using funds to finance a drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Marital Infidelity – Money might be diverted to finance an affair. Your spouse may work hard to keep this secret for as long as possible.
  • Gambling Addiction – Gambling addictions are common, and they can quickly get out of control. Your spouse may be diverting funds to make up for gambling losses.
  • Failed Business Ventures – Many spouses lie about the wellbeing of their business ventures. Failing to confront these issues can result in increasing money problems for your family.

What To Do if Your Spouse May Be Lying About Financial Matters

Financial deceit is a severe form of failed communication. Maybe the situation can be easily remedied with a frank conversation where you clearly express your concerns. Working things out yourselves and talking openly about money may provide you with peace of mind and even strengthen the relationship overall.

In some cases, your spouse may become aggressive when faced with money inquiries. Do not take this lightly. You may need legal help if your spouse is hiding financial information. Do not delay seeking advice from an experienced lawyer.

The Breeden Law Office Can Help You

You cannot feel confident in your marriage if your spouse is hiding things. It’s very troubling to wonder why they are hiding money from you. Maybe your spouse is in trouble. On the other hand, they may be being unfaithful or hiding assets in anticipation of filing for divorce. Financial deceit must be confronted.

If you have questions or suspect financial deceit, we encourage you to reach out. With our experience and background in the area, our North Carolina divorce lawyers can help you find answers. Contact the Breeden Law Office at (919) 661-4970 or contact us online.


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