Tips to Survive Thanksgiving After a Divorce

Written by Jonathan Breeden

November 21, 2017

Getting a divorce can be one of the most emotional experiences in your life. Once your divorce is finalized, your whole life will completely change. The first holidays as a newly single person will likely be difficult. Thanksgiving is particularly challenging, because it’s a holiday that revolves around being with family. This is not a time to despair, though – try to keep your head up and follow these tips put together by North Carolina divorce lawyer Jonathan Breeden on how to survive Thanksgiving after a divorce.

  1. Don’t be afraid to feel. It’s okay to be emotional during your first holiday as a single person. In fact, you may feel a heightened sense of sadness or anxiety at that time of the year. Own your feelings – talk about them with your family, or even write them down. Remind yourself that while these first holidays may feel strange or unbearable, they will become your new normal soon enough.
  2. Practice philanthropy. One of the best ways to take your mind off yourself is by focusing on others. The holidays are the perfect time to do something for others in need. You can serve Thanksgiving dinner at a soup kitchen, bring items to a food pantry, or volunteer to become at a toy drive. Doing good deeds for others could take your mind off of your divorce in no time.
  3. Focus on your kids. No matter what you’re feeling right now, your children might be going through an even more difficult time. Be sure to give them your full attention – let them know they can talk to you about how they’re feeling. Try to keep the day upbeat and light. Do not fight with your ex about sharing custody on holidays. These types of arguments will only serve to upset your children even more.
  4. Keep a clear head. It’s tempting to turn to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to dull your emotions. But this can only lead to trouble. Rather than feeling better, you could alienate your family or start trouble with your ex. Instead, make a point to focus on your physical health. Eat right, exercise, and get proper rest. If you see a therapist, make sure to schedule an appointment before Thanksgiving so you can talk over any potential problems.
  5. Switch things up. The best way to forget old traditions is to come up with new ones. Instead of the traditional turkey, consider serving something exotic, or try cooking a new dish every year. If being at home makes you emotional, take advantage of the long holiday weekend to travel to another city or state.

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