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How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost?

The legal fees for a family lawyer can vary depending on a number of factors and the unique details of your case.

Category: Family Law Resources

When Is Power of Attorney Needed?

Learn the duties of a power of attorney and situations in which they are needed.

Category: Wills

What is the Importance of Making a Will?

Why should you have a will? Wills are essential legal documents that state your wishes for your assets, custody of children, and more.

Category: Wills

How Can I Get Custody of a Child in Another State?

Getting custody of a child in another state requires getting a determination from the state the child will primarily call home.

Category: Adoption

FAQs about Adoption

Attorney Breeden answers two common adoption questions – do you have to be married to a significant other for them to adopt a stepchild, and can grandparents adopt grandchildren?

Category: Adoption


Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

A book by Jonathan Breeden