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How Do I Change the Amount of My Child Support?

If you're wanting to increase your child support and are curious about the process for doing so in North Carolina, Breeden Law Office can help.

Category: Child Custody

What Kinds of Circumstances Could Warrant a Change in Child Support?

The amount of child support a parent pays can change in response to various life circumstances. Learn more about the factors that could increase or decrease your child support in North Carolina.

Category: Child Custody

How is Child Custody Determined?

A variety of factors play into a court’s decision on who gets child custody and when.

Category: Child Custody

How is Child Support Determined?

Learn about the North Carolina guidelines that determine how child support is divided between parents.

Category: Child Custody

What Are My Options if I Can’t Afford a Divorce Lawyer?

If you can’t afford a divorce lawyer, you have a few ways to consider handling the divorce yourself.

Category: Divorce


Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

A book by Jonathan Breeden