How to Choose a Family Law Attorney

Written by Jonathan Breeden

November 8, 2022

Having the right family lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of your case and the stress you experience throughout the process. You need someone you can trust with experience to get a successful result. You should consider several factors when deciding which family law attorney is right for you.

Evaluate Your Attorney Professionally

Every attorney has experience of some kind, but you need a legal professional who specializes in cases like yours. You should ask questions about their experience, practice area knowledge, and interaction with clients.

How Many Years Have They Been Practicing Law?

Although nearly every attorney has received a similar law school education, the experience they gain once they graduate can make a difference. Some newly licensed attorneys are passionate and aggressive.

However, a more seasoned lawyer may know more about legal strategy. You will want to balance your family law attorney’s experience in the field with their other characteristics.

Do They Only Practice Family Law?

Some professionals are general practice lawyers who do not focus on any specific practice area. They spread out their knowledge and resources.

However, when looking for an attorney for a domestic law case, you should consider finding someone who only practices family law.

They will work with local domestic courts and judges daily and are familiar with relevant law updates.

Will They Personally Handle Your Case?

When you give your case to a large law firm, you may have a team of people working on your case. That may sound attractive, but the attorney may rarely put eyes on your case.

Paralegals and other legal professionals may handle most of your issues. The attorney you interview may even farm out your case to an associate or someone else. During your initial consultation, you should ask who will personally handle your case.

How Is Their Communication?

Attorneys work with highly educated professionals regularly, so some tend to speak in confusing legalese (using legal terminology frequently).

You should work with a family lawyer who speaks clearly, and in a manner, you can understand about your case. They should explain things in plain language and speak with you respectfully. Don’t work with someone who seems condescending or requires you to ask them to clarify their language frequently.

Evaluate Your Attorney Personally

Family law cases deal with personal issues. Divorces, child custody battles, adoptions, and other issues involve your morals and values. You need a family law attorney who considers your future and understands your goals.

Do You Like Working with Them?

Your attorney doesn’t have to be your best friend, but you should trust them with confidential and private information. You may have to share sensitive information about your life with your family law attorney. Thus, you should like them. If they have negative character attributes, you should avoid working with them.

Do They Consider Your Goals & Needs?

The attorney’s goal should be to meet your needs. When you initially meet with your lawyer and explain what you hope to get out of your case, they should present a strategic plan to achieve the desired outcome.

Do They Consider Your Budget?

While an attorney is operating a business to make money, they should consider your financial situation. Let your attorney know upfront if you have a limited amount to spend on an issue. A lawyer can generally estimate how much you should expect to spend on a legal matter. Your attorney should understand if you need to scale down your services.

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