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How Divorced Parents Should Split Holidays

Working out a parenting plan can be challenging. Once you’ve figured out a regular schedule, you also need a plan for sharing holidays. Holidays are emotional times, so splitting them can be hard. It can also be confusing to understand…

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Know Your Rights as an Unmarried Parent in NC

Unmarried parents in North Carolina often feel the system is designed against them. And it can be the source of a lot of headaches when dealing with your child’s other parent or deciding custody, support, and visitation issues. But, despite…

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NC Child Custody: Filing in Different Counties

Sharing custody in North Carolina can get complicated. It is tempting to co-parent without a set schedule, but even the most careful plans will slide over time. Many parents find that stability is crucial to raising their children. This means…

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Divorce In North Carolina: What You Need To Know

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